Giulia Anghelescu

Giliu Anghelescu (1984) is one of the most popular Romanian pop singers. Though she already had big songs great and was famous and wanted by the public her popularity stood out more since she was the singer of the band Dj Project in the period 2009-2011.

Though she began very young in the world of the music, in the juvenile band “Candy” she managed to realize 5 albums. Good songs in this band led Giulia to being famous. The band finish in 2004. Though I knew Giulia when she already had initiated her career in solitarily.

We return to see a beginning of career in solitarily with very much style and force. In her fulminating career Giulia has realized and with very much success three albums: Giulia (2004), Fluturi (2006) and Primul Pas (2008).

I will try to summarize the songs in that more I have been interested of Giulia. With the interesting song “Te-am ales” it was where I knew Giulia. A very interesting vibrant video clip with interesting colouring, nice and sexy dresses, powerful pop song… I attracted immediately the beauty of this singer with this so thin and original voice. Who was this girl?.

Then I knew “Prind aripi” -You get wings- (album Fluturi -Butterflies-) a soft song with violins and where we see Giulia less sexy and more concentrated pop offers us a song very stylized and emotive. The song followed as “Rain” this time done in english together with the romanian singer Marius Nedelcu. It was another great success!.

When she sang with Dj project the song “Prima noapte” together with Elena the singer of the band in this moment probably already was preparing I replace of Giulia as singer of the band. Please to see the page “Dj Project” in this channel

“Prima noapte” and “Te-am ales” were included in her album “Primul pas” (Cat Music) a true album full hits!.

Congratulations Giulia for your career and now that exists leaving Dj Project and after your pregnancy could continue making us enjoy your subtlety, your nice voice and your beauty.



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