Sweden and the Scandinavian music in general we can consider it to be the best music pop electronic in Europe. Numerous good blogs speak about this music and they have numerous fans in the whole world… therefore I will not be able to reach too much to this country because many people have discovered it for a lot of time. To do an idea to us of since it is such a high level in this music only we have to see every year the festival “Melodifestivalen” the final phase of Sweden for Eurovision. Many shows to select the only representative song of Sweden… in a country with so much good electronic music… this is very difficult!.

In the pop music of the Scandinavian countries the bands usually use the synthesizer on their songs… creating an electronic music of the first magnitude of the highest level… indispensable in pep1000 channel!

So famous Swedish singers as Velvet, Agnes Carlsson, Robyn, Loreen, Danny Saucedo… new talents as Vanbot, David Lindgren… I expect to complete this one list as rapidly as possible. At the moment I start with Robyn (Sweden) and Tøyen Airport (Norway).

Robyn is an artist already dedicated in the world of the music and Tøyen Airport is a band that will enter with a lot of force the musical panorama after his first album August, 2011.

In the near future surely I will discover more bands!!


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