Loreen (1983) is one of the best European singers of the moment of pop dance style. I knew this Swedish singer of origin Berber -her complete name is Lorine Zineb Nora Talhaoui- in the first semi-final of the festival “Melodifestivalen 2012” Swedish phase for Eurovision with the song “Euphoria”.

The song impressed me strongly. This style “philosophically dance” I had not seen it before… in addition her strong expressionism in the scene with these perfects movements and well calculated they were giving to the song a mystical celestial air. The appearance of the dancer Ausben Jordan in the final phase of the song they were creating a colossal combination in the scene. I said for my that this song would gain Eurovision and still there were absent 3 more semi-finals and the final of the Melodifestivalen and without having seen the songs that months later would exist in Eurovision in Baku. But this song was only… it could not compete with no other!. The song was done by the veteran Swedish couple Thomas G:son and Peter Boström, two greats producers in musical style and very famous in his country.

Loreen started being known when I take part in the Swedish talent show “Pop Idol” in 2004 staying in fourth position. After a period in which she was doing other activities in television she returned to the music in 2011. She already had appeared in the Melodifestivalen the previous year in 2011 but her song “My heart is refusing me” not being able this song come to the final.

“Euphoria” fills this year the whole Europe in the first positions in the charts with her force and energy before and after gaining Eurovision.

Nowadays (October, 2012) Loreen has released the new single. It calls “Crying Out Your Name” and for my it is equal or better than “Euphoria”. I believe that this song had gained also Eurovision.

In the MTV Europe Music Awards 2012, Loreen received a nomination in the category of “Best Swedish artist”. Loreen gained this award and received the nomination to “Best European artist”. The best professional year of this great artist!.

By the ends of October this one foreseen the world premiere of her album “Heal” in which all her singles will be compiled. Sincerely I believe that it will be of the albumes most sold of the year. Thank you for doing these so good songs to us!


“Heal” (2012)


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