I met Robyn through the “Top 40” of Estonian radio “Sky plus”. This interesting electronic melody of the song “Hang with me” caught my attention. Since then I’ve researched the life of this Swedish artist and my call has sufficient merit to be on my channel.

Robin Miriam Carlsson (1979) is a veteran Swedish electronic pop artist has since 1997 on stage. It was her last album called “Body Talk” and divided into three parts where the artist has evolved into a fantastic electronic music and has sparked my interest.

Her first pop album was released in Sweden in october 1996 and was called “Robyn is here”. And this album is compiled their first two singles called “You’ve got that somethin” and “Do you really want me (show me respect) with RCA Records.

Robyn entered Sweden’s pre-selection for Eurovision 1997 as co-writer and producer of the song “Du gör mig hel igen” which was performed by Cajsalisa Ejemyr. In the contest Melodifestivalen 1997 the song ended up in 4 place.

Robyn’s US breakthrough came in 1997, when the soft pop singles “Show me love” and “Do you know (What it takes)” reached the top ten on the Billboard top 100. Here Robyn makes the first step for the global projection of the artist.

Your second album ” My truth” was released in May 1999 in Sweden, with subsequent releases elsewhere in Europe.


In November 2002, Robyn swapped labels at BMG (from RCA to Jive Records) and released the album Don’t stop the music in Sweden. Singles “Keep this fire burning” and “Don’t stop the music” graced playlists in Scandinavia and mainland Europe. In May 2004, the album “Robyn’s best” was released in America.

We arrived at a date highlighted: the relationship of a decade between Robyn and her label was dropped in 2004 when they refused the song “Who’s That Girl?” which was a new electro-pop sound (which charted at 26 in the UK and 37 in Sweden). Robyn decided to launch the music on her own by creating their own record label called “Konichiwa records” japanese word meaning “Hello/good afternoon”. According to my musical style “Who’s that girl?” was first hit.

“Robyn” her fourth album (2005) became her first number-one album upon its release in Sweden. Sampling influences from electronic music, rap and new age, this album received rave reviews, and gained the singer three Swedish Grammy Awards in 2006.

Konichiwa Records signed an international licensing deal with Universal to launch and distribute Robyn’s music globally. Releases in the UK are issued under the Island Records label. 

In 2009 Robyn is featured with the norway electro band “Röyksopp” with the song and video “The girl and the robot”, with Dr Alban performing “No coke”. Two super hits!

The year 2010 is the golden year for the talent of Robyn. Her album “Body talk” in three mini albums, is her masterpiece (best album Grammis awards 2011). Electro music very good, high quality, very interesting chorus and the majority of songs written and composed by Robyn, Patrik Berger and Klas Ahlund. Their performances are also spectacular with two keyboardists and two drummers, creating a visual image of the queen of electro pop. A sensational team of experienced musicians formed by Markus Jägerstedt, Carl Bagge, Povel Ohlsson and Tobias Tagesson give strength to the performances of the band.

Songs as “Hang with me”, “Dancing on my own” (best song Grammis awards 2011) and “Indestructible” undoubtedly will become part of my best electronic songs!.


“Robyn is here” 1995

“My Truth” (1999)

“Don’t stop the music” (2002)

“Robyn” (2005)

“Body talk 1” (2010)

“Body talk 2” (2010)

“Body talk 3” (2010)


“Who’s that girl?” Video clip copyright: Konichiwa Records

“With every heartbeat” Live Nobel Peace Prize 2008

Röyksopp feat Robyn “The girl and the robot” Live at Senkveld

 Röyksopp feat Robyn “The girl and the robot” video clip

“Indestructible” Live Studio 5 Hamburg 2011.03.11

“Indestructible” Live Svenska Hjltar-galan 2010

“Dancing on my own” live in Late night David Letterman 07.19.2010

“Hang with me” video clip copyright: Konichiwa Records

“Call you girlfriend” Live in Ellen show 20/10/2011

2 comments on “Robyn

  1. I’m sure that what is thought of the artist is exceptional, whatever the ideas that she gets her music from has a lot of creativity. What I’d like to note is that what is going on in her music has a lot to do with her independence. I like the fact that what is heard from her goes noted as something of a modern look into the being of a woman that can not only make it to the top, but also find the top on her own.

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