Tøyen Airport

I have to confess that the band of Norway “Tøyen Airport” is a style of band that I wanted to find a lot of time ago. Formed by two girls (Ginger and Sunny) and one boy (Mishka) aesthetically they are different.

They make genial electro pop but also it differs in what Sunny also she touches the synthesizer. 

Before in the 80s the synthesizer was forming a part of the bands Europe’s electronics and generally it was used by a man. Sunny forms a part of this new generation of girls who can use the synthesizer and every time -thankfully luck for us!- to be more. We emphasize between great others Katrin Siska (Vanilla Ninja), Hannah Ild, Tiiu Kiik, Ester Ideskog (Vanbot), Kene Vernik (Mimicry) etcetera. Ginger’s nice and sweet voice and the aesthetics eighties give to the band an unique air.

The authentic names of the components of the band are: Ingrid Morseth Tolstad (Ginger), Solgunn Ivana Valstad (Sunny) and Jo Røislien (Mishka). All of them already were experienced at the music pop electronics, therefore there we observe that the quality in his music already comes given by his previous experience. Ingrid had been in the Norwegian band Phy and Ivana in Jack.

They themselves tell that they were known in a bar of London. Since the whole world has to be satisfied that knew themselves and the imminent throwing of the album called “Lynx” augurs a formidable success. To whom cannot songs like as “Goodbye” or “Paralyzed”?. Magnificent solo of synth of the song “Paralyzed” it is five stars!. In the middle of a calm song it appears encouraged solo of synth… nobody can overcome it!.

Sincerely, some time ago that do not be anything of them… since minimum there is little information in English in the network. I suppose that it must to them be OK because they are a great band and to have to finish triumphing in Europe with an electropop of the first magnitude. 

On July 31, 2011. Ginger has had the amiability to report to pep1000 channel that the album will appear on August 15 in platforms as “Spotify” or “itunes”. The album has been late for Mishka’s professional motives. It is a good news and I will wait longingly for the arrival of this date.



“Toyen Airport medley”

Toyen Airport & Romantica “Good-bye”

“Paralyzed” -slides show-

“Paralyzed” video clip

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