I knew Vanbot when I was looking at different videos in Internet. I saw the video of the song “Make me break me”… and the sensations happened while I saw the video… and my later investigation of this sweden singer this forced me to put her in my music channel without doubting it!.

The real name of this new talent of Sweden is Ester Ideskog and the name of “Vanbot” comes from her another “alter-ego” the fighting Vanessa. Though she already was experienced at the music, this one has been the first album that rapidly has sent to her to the top of the reputation and has turned into a Scandinavian point of reference.

If you are a lover of the electronic music you have found the one that will be one of your artists preferred. She enjoys with the synthesizers and she it demonstrates to the public, her powerful lyrics, her fluency in front of the chamber… these skills will turn her shortly into an indispensable modal of the electronic Scandinavian music.

We happen to speak closely about this first and magisterial album called as her “Vanbot” (Lisch Recordings). Looking for Internet I have seen that I have not been the only one that once discovered a song of the band we have wanted to investigate on the band.

The album was released on April 15, 2011 and perfectly harmonized with a good campaign of marketing: web page, video clips, you can buy the songs in sites as important as itunes or amazon, pages on youtube, vimeo, facebook… perfect!.

11 original songs, all in english and the music of the songs are written by Ester Ideskog and produced together with Sebastian Forslund also worked with Sweden indie artists I Break Horses, Blackstrap and Loney, Dear. And the first single was the song that already I mentioned “Make me break me” is it possible to begin better? A perfect video where she appears in action, an intense and penetrating melody of synthesizer… a deep lyrics and a few simple images but at the same time relaxing and attractive… for my there is no better beginning that this!.

“Lost without you” was other single of the album. In this occasion there is no video of the song. The melody of the song probably remembers some another scandinavian electronic song, it is not so rhythmic but… the refrain is very good, perfect chords and games with the voice… it catches the listener from the first moment.! With these two songs the album was promising that it was a great success… and this way it it has been!.

Also there are moments for the ballads in the album: “Bad day” is the star of the album, sad and solitary song where Ester demonstrates also her capacity in this musical kind… though clearly his perfect style is the electronic rhythmic and animated song.

Later big professionals accredited in the world of the music (Fear of Tigers…) they did mixes 4 of her songs: “Bitter is the sweetest part”, “Lost without you”, “Maybe” and “Make me break me”.

Though not all the critiques are desirable as this one in “Tuftsdaily” magazine of Tufts University (USA) According to the authoress of the article this type of artists are massively produced in Sweden and she does not reach too much to the musical electronic world. I would say that I am rather upside-down: in a musical panorama replete artists’ to stand out for the musical qualities and to do a place to you in this world is very difficult and… she has obtained it!. Since minimum is interesting to know that already she is known in The United States.

And since one sees finally in the video clip “Make me break me” it seems that she plants a flag on the territory… exactly Vanbot has come a lot of time remained with us!.

March 2012: Vanbot Releases Latest Single “Got to get out”.

Vanbot has returned with the same force of the previous album. Interesting refrain, soft melody… we wait eagerly for the new video of the song. It is admirable, I had full confidence, I was thinking that Vanbot’s new song would be wonderful and like that it has been… it is admirable to trust in an artist that you know that you will never be upset with it.


“Vanbot” 2011

“Remixes” 2011



“Make me break me”

I’ve had my time. I’ve had my moments to shine.
It seems so far away, it feels so down.
I fall apart if you don’t hold me tight.
This time there’s nothing left to try.

Yeah, it’s something that will make me older.
Yeah it’s something that will break me.
If I break it, it will keep me younger.
If I feed it, it will break me.

I’ve had enough, enough of worries and doubts.
You’ve captured my heart. I’m begging.
I’ve had enough, enough of going numb.
You limit me, I’m begging you to leave.

Break it, and I will live this life.
Feed it, and I will not survive.
Worries, I have to deal somehow.

Lost without you

It’s been a while since I fell.
I thought I had it, all well.
I thought you waited ’round the corner baby.
I thought I failed for the last time baby.

I build and break, then I pray.
Seven steps and days away.
I thought you waited ’round the corner baby.
I thought I failed for the last time baby.

You’ll be my stranger. And I will hide away the things that hurt
I close my eyes then maybe the wounds will heal.
‘Cause I never knew, I’m lost without you.
And who would I be if you weren’t next to me.

What I said. What I did.
Never meant to hurt you.


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