Exclusive interview to Tanja Mihhailova about new album “Gemini”

January 27, 2013: We had many questions to do Tanja Mihhailova relating to her new and brilliant album “Gemini”… and she has had the amiability to grant an interview to us and in english. I hope that you enjoy it!.
Thanks Tanja for your nice answers!.
Tanja gemini cover CD

Interview to Sinine

Mauno Meesit from the Estonian electro-band “Sinine” has had the amiability to grant a small interview for Pep1000 channel. His album “Dreams come true” it is having a great success in Estonia and shortly in Europe’s diverse countries.

Enjoy this interview and knows a bit more Sinine!


Tanja Mihhailova new song “Supernatural”

Tanja Mihhailova has released in these last days the excellent song pop “Supernatural”. After a period without songs of this style, on which Tanja has centred fundamentally to musicals and television shows, she has returned to the Estonian pop world strongly.


We it was doing time that we were waiting for this news. This nice and vigorous song written in english by Tanja, Timo Vendt and Fred Krieger, surely it will return to take her in the top of Estonian pop … top which she never had to go down!.

Hannah’s song “Good feeling” acoustic free download

Though we like principally the electronic music… we also can estimate the good music. Today the Estonian pop singer Hannah offers us this small gift that will be available in her page in “soundcloud” 72 hours.

I believe that it is very interesting to enjoy this “Good feeling” acoustic and to say to Hannah what we feel with this song… I already have said often that she is one of my more complete favorite artists and with great musical wisdom… I have so many desires of being able to do an interview with she… Thank you Hannah for this gift!


Welcome to my channel of electronic music

This site of electronic pop music is divided in two clearly differentiated parts:

The first part is dedicated exclusively to the Estonian music. To know these artists were those who motivated me to creating a page of each one of them and to spread them for Internet.  There was little information about many of these singers… and less written in English!.

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But attention!… neither all the Estonian pop music will be here. Only the artists that I like or have entail with the electronic pop music in some song. Other styles hard rock, folk, rap, hip hop… they are not the principal aim of this channel.

The second part is dedicated to the most influential and interesting bands of the electronic pop in Europe. That I believe that they are the best and I would like to share all with you.

If you want to know my story, please see page “Estonian Music – My history… Why I like the Estonian music?” of the same channel https://pep1000.wordpress.com/myhistory/ 

I am an amateur music critic… and I try to spread and that you know my favorite artists… Lamentably, many of these artists are not very famous out of your countries. For this motive I hope that this musical channel for Internet takes of the advantages that the network offers and could help to know these magnificent artists. Unlike other blogs, here there are no the innovations day after day of every artist. Here you will find interesting articles about every artist in an exclusive page for each of them. I write articles about music, realize interviews and think about the bands.

Though you know many of these artists I recommend to you to read his page. You will find the detailed information of each one of them, photos, curious information and videos where you will be able to see them in action. In opposite case, I suggest you to investigate little by little every singer and you will be discovering the whole new world full of good music and many surprises.

In this channel also we give importance to the lyricist and composers of the songs sometimes unjustly forgotten by the public. It is logical that we like a song of a singer but let’s not forget that sometimes the artist neither has written this song it nor has composed… our favorite singer only is the transmitter of this song. For this I believe that is logical a just treatment for the singers but also to the lyricist and composers. 

Only I still have to say to you that can leave comments or suggestions at the end of each page and I will answer your messages right away!. 

I hope that you enjoy my favorite artists as I do!!

Welcome to Pep1000 channel!

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