Exclusive interview to Tanja Mihhailova about new album “Gemini”

January 27, 2013: We had many questions to do Tanja Mihhailova relating to her new and brilliant album “Gemini”… and she has had the amiability to grant an interview to us and in english. I hope that you enjoy it!.
Thanks Tanja for your nice answers!.
Tanja gemini cover CD

Get your question to Tanja Mihhailova!!

After the release of the new album by Tanja Mihhailova “Gemini” last December 22 in the Venus Club of Tallinn, Tanja has accepted an interview with us.

In this way with our questions in english can resolve all doubts that we have or have not just understand because logically most of the information is in Estonian.

In addition if you want to ask a question about the album, send your question to me, your name and country and send it to Tanja in our questionnaire.

Do you dare to ask a question about Gemini to Tanja? Send me your question to pep1000bcn@gmail.com

Wait 5 days for the questions… once passed this time will send questions to Tanja 🙂

Gemini album presentation VenusClub 20122012 - photos by Martin Dremljuga of Publik Delfi